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Decoding Finnish VAT Rates. Standard & Reduced Rate Made Easy

Interested to know the Finnish VAT Rates? Navigating the ins and outs of VAT rates in Finland is crucial for businesses and consumers. This blog will break down the Finnish VAT rate, from its history to compliance and the all-important VAT number. So, buckle up as we understand Finnish VAT rates and other necessary related information. If you're looking for a handy tool to calculate VAT, check out our VAT calculator for quick and accurate computations.

Overview of Finnish VAT Rates

The standard VAT rate in Finland is 24%, and it has been that way since 2013. Products like food, feed, restaurants, and catering services are eligible for a reduced 14% VAT rate; however, tobacco and alcoholic beverages are not.

Certain products, such as books, newspapers, pharmaceuticals, lodging services, passenger transportation, etc., are subject to a 10% reduced rate.

For example, Sophie runs a small online business selling handmade jewellery. The sale of her unique jewellery items is subject to the standard VAT rate of 24%. Additionally, she offers personalised consultation services to her customers, helping them choose the perfect piece. The consultation services are, however, subject to a reduced VAT rate of 14%.

In Finland, the government sets the prices for regular, higher, and reduced VAT rates. The EU says the lowest standard rate must be over 15%, and it gives rules on which products get lower or zero rates. If a business from another country is registered for VAT in Finland, it must use the Finnish rates and make sure not to charge too little VAT.

History of Finland VAT Rate

In 1994, Finland became a member of the European Union (EU), compelling the adoption of the Value Added Tax (VAT). This marked the initiation of the tax system in the country, accompanied by an initial standard rate of 22%.

In 2013, Finland experienced an adjustment in its VAT rates. The standard rate escalated to 24%, positioning it as the fifth highest among EU member states. Two reduced rates were introduced – 14% for food and animal feed and 10% for passenger transportation, cultural services, and pharmaceuticals.

In 2022, Finland addressed the COVID-19 pandemic by temporarily reducing rates until December. The standard VAT rate is 24%, with 14% and 10% reduced rates for specific items. There's also a zero rate for exports and specific situations. The zero rate for goods donated to Ukrainian refugees expired in December 2022.

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Finland VAT Rates - A Cursory Glance

Finland VAT Rate Applicable Goods and Services
24% Most goods and services
14% Groceries, feed, restaurant, and catering services (excluding alcohol and tobacco products)
  • Books, newspapers, and periodicals
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Exercise services
  • Film screenings
  • Cultural and entertainment event fees
  • Passenger transport (excluding Jan 1, 2023, to Apr 30, 2023)
  • Accommodation services
  • Royalties for TV and public radio (excluding electricity sales from Dec 1, 2022, to Apr 30, 2023, unless related to power grid services)
  • VAT-exempt vessel transactions (sale, rental, chartering, and associated work)
  • Tax-free sales of membership bulletin editions to non-profits
  • VAT-exempt sales linked to warehousing in VAT-registered facilities
  • Exports outside the EU
  • VAT-guided sales within the EU to VAT-liable buyers
  • Tax-exempt international trade transactions (goods and services)
  • Tax-free passenger transport services in Finland from Jan 1, 2023, to Apr 30, 2023 (taxis, trains, buses, air travel, and maritime transport)

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Finnish VAT compliance

When operating in Finland and registered for VAT, foreign companies need to follow specific rules for accounting, invoicing, and other procedures. Here are the essential requirements:

  • Invoicing: Ensure that invoices include the details specified in the Finnish VAT Act.
  • Correct Invoicing: Invoice customers for goods or services correctly, following the timing rules outlined in the Finnish VAT regulations.
  • Electronic Invoices: If using electronic invoices, ensure they comply with the latest Invoicing Directive.
  • VAT Records: Maintain VAT books and other records to support VAT returns, Intrastat, and ESL declarations.
  • Credit Notes: Process credit notes and any other corrections accurately.
  • Currency Rates: Use approved foreign currency rates when applicable.

Register Requirement for VAT

Businesses must register for VAT if their taxable turnover exceeds EUR 15,000. Businesses with taxable turnover less than EUR 15,000 can also choose to voluntarily register.

Understanding the intricacies of VAT in Finnish business practices is essential for entrepreneurs and companies to navigate the tax landscape effectively. Therefore, certain activities are exempt from the VAT perspective and do not require VAT registration, but in some cases, voluntary registration is available.

The processing of registrations can take up to three weeks. You can complete the registration process via the MyTax portal if the company already has a Business ID in Finland. As soon as the company is founded, a Business ID is issued.

VAT Number Finland

A Finnish VAT number, also known as ALV-numero or momsnummer, is important for businesses in two ways:


  • Start with the country code FI.
  • Followed by 8 digits, the same as the Business ID (FO-numero) without the hyphen.
  • Example: If the Business ID is 0765432-1, the VAT number is FI07654321.

Required for:

  • Invoices when trading with other EU member states.
  • Certain tax and administrative procedures with the Finnish Tax Authority (Verohallinto).

Who Uses It:

  • Only VAT-registered businesses use a Finnish VAT number.


And there you have it - a journey through the Finnish VAT landscape! The standard VAT rate for most Finland products is 24%, with reduced rates of 14% and 10% applicable to specific goods and services. The Finnish government relies on the VAT collected from the sale of products to fund public services and infrastructure development. This is why understanding Finnish VAT rates is important for consumers and business owners.


What is the standard VAT rate in Finland?

The standard VAT rate in Finland is 24%, applicable to most goods and services.

Are there reduced rates?

Yes, there are reduced rates of 14% for specific items like groceries and 10% for goods and services such as books and cultural events

How does a foreign company comply with Finnish VAT?

Foreign companies need to follow specific rules for accounting, invoicing, and other procedures, ensuring compliance with Finnish VAT regulations.

When does a business need to register for VAT in Finland?

Businesses with a taxable turnover exceeding EUR 15,000 must register for VAT. Voluntary registration is also an option for businesses below this threshold.

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