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VAT Calculator Philippines: VAT Calculation Made Easy

Worrying about VAT calculations? Our VAT Calculator Philippines is your solution. No more headaches from complex math; with just one click, get 100% accurate results and save time.

Our calculator simplifies online VAT calculations for goods, services, and products. It's user-friendly, ensuring both businesses and consumers grasp VAT rules effortlessly.

What is VAT Calculator Philippines?

The VAT Calculator Philippines is an essential tool designed to simplify complex VAT calculations for businesses and consumers in the Philippines. Our website features a built-in calculator that streamlines the process of determining VAT amounts accurately and efficiently.

Additionally, our VAT calculator offers quick assistance, making calculations simple. Our VAT Calculator Philippines tries to help users by making VAT computation simple and accessible with its user-friendly functionality and accuracy.

Try Our Easy VAT Calculator Philippines

Our free VAT calculator Philippines is a valuable and easy to use tool. It offers swift VAT calculations without taking much of your time. Moreover, this calculator has been designed to save you time by accurately calculating VAT on products and services.

Standard Philippines VAT Rate

The Philippines VAT rate is 12%. However, certain products have a 0% VAT rating. This tax applies to the total price of goods sold; the money received for services, and property rentals.

Therefore, those products and services that are exempt from VAT or subject to 0% VAT will be sold at their base prices.

Category VAT Rate (%) Description
Standard VAT Rate 12% This applies to most goods and services
Zero-Rated 0% Effectively exempt from VAT
Examples of Zero-Rated Transactions
A. Sales of agricultural and fishery products (direct to consumers) 0% Farmers, livestock raisers, fishpond owners
B. Education services 0% Tuition fees and related services by schools, colleges, universities
C. Renewable energy (qualified developers) 0% Sale of goods and services used for development, construction, and installation of power plants (subject to BIR Revenue Regulations No. 3-2023)

How to Add and Remove VAT in the Philippines

Adding and removing VAT manually is a straightforward process. This is how you can do VAT Philippines computation.

vat philippines computation

Adding VAT Philippines

Gross = Amount/100 *(100 + VAT Rate)

Step 1:

The standard VAT rate is 12% which applies to most goods and services.

Step 2:

Divide the Amount by 100 and then multiply by the (100 + VAT rate); the result will give you a gross amount, including the VAT Philippines.

Step 3:

Now, calculate VAT amount from gross as:
Total VAT = Gross - Price

Example of VAT Addition

Let's say you buy a shirt with a price tag of Php 500. Since it's a standard good, the VAT rate is 12%.

Amount = ₱500
VAT Rate = 12%
Gross Amount = Amount/100 * (100 + VAT rate)
Gross Amount = 500/100*(100 + 12)
Gross Amount = ₱560
Total VAT = Gross Amount - Amount
Total VAT = ₱560- ₱500
Total VAT = ₱60

Therefore, the total price, including VAT (gross price) for the product, is ₱560.

Removing VAT Philippines

Net = (Amount/(100 + VAT Rate)) * 100

Step 1:

Using Philippines standard VAT Rate, i.e., 12%

Step 2:

Divide the Amount by the (100 + VAT rate) and then multiply by 100; the result will give you a net amount that doesn’t include any VAT.

Step 3:

Calculate Total VAT from Net Amount as:
Total VAT = Amount - Net

Example of Removing VAT Philippines

if the final price of a product is 550 Php; then VAT will be removed as followed:

Amount = ₱500
VAT Rate = 12%
Net Amount = Amount/(100 + VAT Rate)* 100
Net Amount = 500/(100 + 12)* 100
Net Amount = ₱446.42
Total VAT = Amount- Net Amount
Total VAT = ₱500 - ₱446.42
Total VAT = ₱53.57

So, the product's price without VAT (Net price) is ₱446.42

Benefits of Using Our Free Philippines VAT Calculator

A. Efficiency in VAT Computation

Our free Philippines VAT calculator makes figuring out how much you need to pay simple and fast. You just input the numbers, and it does the math for you. No more spending hours crunching numbers by hand.

B. Zero Mistakes

Prepare to say goodbye to calculation errors. It's easy to make mistakes when doing math manually, but our calculator ensures accuracy every time. This means you can trust the numbers it gives you, saving you from costly errors in your tax filings.

C. Compliance with Tax Regulations

This calculator helps you stay on the right side of the law by ensuring compliance with tax regulations. It automatically applies the updated rates and rules, so you can be confident that your calculations are in line with the requirements set by the tax authorities.

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Our VAT calculator Philippines tool simplifies VAT calculation for consumers and business owners. It guarantees accuracy and saves you valuable time. With the help of our VAT Calculator Philippines, you can streamline your VAT calculations accurately with a single click.


First, to calculate 12% VAT on a receipt, identify the base price (without VAT). Then, multiply the base price by 12. Finally, add the calculated VAT amount to the base price to get the total amount, including VAT.

To compute VAT in the Philippines, for adding VAT, simply multiply the base price by 12%. To remove VAT, divide the total amount (including VAT) by 1.12 (100% + 12%) and then multiply by 12% to get the VAT amount.