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VAT Calculator South Africa save Time & Energy

VAT Calculator South Africa helps you calculate VAT in seconds, eliminating the need for complex calculations. Administered by the South African Revenue Service (SARS), VAT is an indirect tax affecting the consumption of goods and services.

Our Ireland VAT Calculator provides a similarly convenient way to figure out VAT for individuals outside of South Africa. With the ease of use of our free calculator, you can ensure accurate VAT calculations.

Therefore, understanding the VAT landscape is vital for businesses and consumers. Our VAT calculator South Africa is here to help you, simplifying the processes of adding and removing VAT effortlessly.

VAT in South Africa - An Overview

Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax levied on consuming goods and services in South Africa. It's administered by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and currently stands at a standard rate of 15%.

How Does South Africa VAT Calculator Work?

Because the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has established a 15% VAT rate, this calculator utilizes the decimal form of 15% (0.15) to effortlessly include or deduct the VAT component for any amount in Rand. This ensures accurate VAT calculations with the current tax rate.

VAT Percentage South Africa

VAT, sometimes called GST in other countries, is a tax due on sales of products or services made inside the borders of EU member states. Businesses often use an "add VAT calculator South Africa" to determine the final cost of goods and services. At the moment, the standard VAT rate is 15%. There is no VAT at the reduced rates.

How to Calculate VAT in South Africa

how to calculate vat in south africa

Calculating VAT in South Africa is not as difficult as you might think; here’s how the SA VAT calculator works.

Adding VAT

VAT Inclusive Calculation

To figure out the price with VAT (Value Added Tax), you can do a simple calculation.

Gross = Amount/100 *(100 + VAT Rate)

Step 1:

Decide which rate you want to use, South Africa's standard VAT rate is 15%

Step 2:

Divide the Amount by 100 and then multiply by the (100 + VAT rate); the result will give you a gross amount, including the VAT.

Step 3:

Calculate VAT amount from gross as:
Total VAT = Gross - Price

Example of VAT Addition

For example, you sell any goods on R500

Amount = R500
VAT Rate = 15%
Gross Amount = Amount/100 * (100 + VAT rate)
Gross Amount = 500/100*(100 + 15)
Gross Amount = R575
Total VAT = Gross Amount - Amount
Total VAT = R575- R500
Total VAT = R75

Therefore, the total price, including VAT (gross price) for the product, is R575.

Removing VAT

Reverse VAT Calculation
Net = (Amount/(100 + VAT Rate)) * 100

Step 1:

Using South Africa standard VAT Rate, i.e., 15%

Step 2:

Divide the Amount by the (100 + VAT rate) and then multiply by 100; the result will give you a net amount that doesn’t include any VAT.

Step 3:

Calculate Total VAT from Net Amount as:
Total VAT = Amount - Net

Example of VAT Subtraction

For example, If you bought a camera for Gross price R500, then calculate net from gross vat as follows:

Amount = R500
VAT Rate = 15%
Net Amount = Amount(100 + VAT Rate)* 100
Net Amount = 500(100 + 15)* 100
Net Amount = R434.78
Total VAT = Amount- Net Amount
Total VAT = R500 - R434.78
Total VAT = R65.22

So, the product's price without VAT (Net price) is R 434.78.

VAT Number Check South Africa

There are three ways to verify a VAT number

  • SARS eFiling VAT Vendor Search: Official, a free tool on the SARS website. Provides basic business info like registration number, trading name, and compliance status.
  • Paid service with a free trial. Verifies global VAT numbers, including South Africa. Offers more details like address and website.
  • Third-party services: Paid options for additional information and verification beyond VAT number.

Before engaging in business transactions, performing a VAT number check in South Africa is crucial to ensure your potential partners' legitimacy. The VAT number check in South Africa safeguards against potential fraud, allowing businesses to maintain the integrity of their financial transactions.

vat number check south africa

Benefits of VAT Calculator South Africa

  • Streamline financial planning with quick and accurate VAT calculations.
  • Save time on complex calculations, focusing on core business activities.
  • Minimize the risk of errors for enhanced accuracy in VAT computation.
  • Achieve precision in budgeting by quickly determining VAT amounts.
  • Foster transparency in financial dealings through reliable VAT calculations.

VAT Exemption in South Africa

Although 15% is the standard VAT rate in South Africa, several goods and services are not subject to this tax. Still, due to the VAT increase in South Africa, consumers feel the pinch as prices rise across various goods and services. You can ensure regulatory compliance and save money by being aware of these exemptions. This is an explanation:

A. Zero-rated supplies

  • Essential Foods: Bread, maize meal, milk, pilchards, vegetables, fruit, eggs, and brown bread.
  • Health and Education: Public healthcare, registered private hospitals, education from registered institutions, and educational materials.
  • Financial Stuff: Certain financial services like interest on deposits, insurance premiums, and some investment income.
  • Exports: Goods and services sent out of South Africa have zero tax.
  • International Travel: No tax on non-international travel by road or rail.
  • Other Things: Agricultural inputs, specific agricultural products, municipal water, and donations to registered charities are exempted from tax.

B. Exempt supplies

These are supplies where the vendor is not allowed to charge VAT, but the input VAT they incur can be deducted. Examples include:

  • Residential rentals.
  • Certain financial intermediation services.
  • Services supplied by the South African Revenue Service (SARS).
  • Services supplied by certain public entities.

C. Specific exemptions

These are additional exemptions granted under exceptional circumstances or based on specific criteria. Examples include:

  • Supplies to diplomats and consular officials.
  • Goods for use in approved research and development projects.
  • Certain supplies to the mining and manufacturing industries.


Mastering the VAT calculator in South Africa is a valuable skill for anyone engaged in transactions involving goods and services. When purchasing goods in South Africa, consumers need to be aware of the additional costs that come with the add VAT South Africa policy. Additionally, being aware of VAT exemptions, including zero-rated and exempt supplies, allows for regulatory compliance and potential cost savings. Stay informed, use the VAT calculator wisely, and confidently navigate the South African VAT landscape.


The standard VAT rate in South Africa is 15%.

Zero-rated supplies include essential food items, health and education services, certain financial services, exports, international travel, and specific goods and services like agricultural inputs and donations to registered charities.

Exempt supplies include residential rentals, certain financial intermediation services, services provided by SARS, and services from specific public entities.

Specific exemptions may be granted for supplies to diplomats and consular officials, goods used in approved research and development projects, and certain supplies to the mining and manufacturing industries.