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Vat Calculator UAE : Simplify Your Finances

Understanding VAT regulations is essential for businesses and individuals operating in the UAE. With our online VAT Calculator UAE, you can easily add or subtract VAT amounts. This tool can save you time by ensuring accurate calculations and timely submissions.

Our online UAE VAT calculator aims to simplify this process. It provides a user-friendly interface to streamline VAT calculations. Now, adding and removing VAT is only one click away.

What is VAT rate in UAE?

The standard VAT rate in UAE is 5%. This rate applies to most goods and services sold within the country. On the other hand, 0% vat rate applies to goods and services which are exported outside the VAT implementing Gulf Cooperation Council member states and include natural gas, cruddle gas etc.

UAE implemented the VAT in January 2018. Since then, all businesses in the UAE have been required to submit the required amount of tax. Our online VAT calculator Dubai simplifies the VAT calculation.

Understanding UAE VAT calculation is crucial for businesses. It ensures compliance with regulations and avoids penalties under FTA regulations.

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How to Calculate VAT in UAE

how to calculate vat in uae

Adding VAT UAE

Gross = Amount/100 *(100 + VAT Rate)

Step 1:

Select the standard vat rate, in UAE the standard vat rate is 5%

Step 2:

Divide the Amount by 100 and then multiply by the (100 + VAT rate); the result will be the gross amount, including the VAT UAE.

Step 3:

Now, calculate VAT amount from gross amount as is follow:
Total VAT = Gross - Price

Example of VAT Addition

Let suppose you buy a phone on 800 AED and UAE VAT rate is 5%, then the total cost including the vat would be:

Amount = 800 AED
VAT Rate = 5%
Gross Amount = Amount/100 * (100 + VAT rate)
Gross Amount = 800/100*(100 + 5)
Gross Amount = 840 AED
Total VAT = Gross Amount - Amount
Total VAT = 840 AED - 800 AED
Total VAT = 40 AED

Therefore, the total price, including VAT (gross price) for the phone is 840 AED.

Removing VAT UAE

Net = (Amount/(100 + VAT Rate)) * 100

Step 1:

Select the standard vat rate. UAE standard vat rate is 5%

Step 2:

Divide the Amount by the (100 + VAT rate) and then multiply by 100; the result will give you a net amount that doesn’t include any VAT.

Step 3:

You can get the total vat as is follow:
Total VAT = Amount - Net

Example of Removing VAT UAE

Let's consider you sell a book for 50 AED and need to remove VAT from the selling price. With VAT at a rate of 5%, the selling price excluding VAT would be:

Amount = AED 50
VAT Rate = 5%
Net Amount = Amount/(100 + VAT Rate)* 100
Net Amount = 50/(100 + 5)* 100
Net Amount = AED 47.62
Total VAT = Amount- Net Amount
Total VAT = AED 50 - AED 47.62
Total VAT = AED 2.38

So, the selling price of the book excluding VAT would be approximately 47.62 AED.

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VAT Calculator Dubai vs VAT Calculator UAE

Interestingly, a VAT calculator for Dubai and one made specifically for the UAE are practically the same. All Emirates, including Dubai, are subject to the same standard 5% VAT rate.

Moreover, they offer similar functionality. By using these calculators, users can add or subtract VAT from base prices. Any VAT calculator that works for the UAE will also work for VAT in Dubai.

Understanding VAT Registration Criteria

Annual Income VAT Registration Requirement
More than AED 375,000 Necessary
Between AED 187,500 and AED 375,000 Optional
Less than AED 187,500 Not required


Summing it up, UAE VAT Calculator is a useful tool in managing expenses. It makes VAT calculations quick and simple. Understanding VAT regulations and using our calculator lets you handle VAT obligations easily. Therefore, we enable users to simplify complicated steps and make accurate VAT calculations.


VAT amount = item price x (VAT rate / 100)
(e.g., AED 100 x 5/100 = AED 5 VAT for Dubai's 5% rate).

The standard VAT rate in UAE is 5%. It is important to note that not all products and services are subject to 5% VAT, some are exempted from it.