being vat registered is killing my business

Being VAT registered is killing my business

Being VAT registered is killing my business is an obligation for business people, on the one hand, it's a government mandate. It can be said that for many budding small and large businesses the decision to register is made. As it is the beginning of your business, if it's implemented, it also makes clear that you are now on the way to improvement. So it's necessary to be aware to some extent because it's imposed officially. There are many benefits being Benefits of Being VAT Registered. In order to calculate vat for your business, use a vat calculator to get more accurate results and do your job with ease.

It demands a share of your work and effort, so people perceive it as a threat to themselves. A move to not register for a VAT while carrying on business is often made. So, they need to know the information that if this registration is not done then they will be fined which is also very high. It's important to carry out the work assigned to you so that you avoid further damage because it is worth being vat registered.

The Issue of Being VAT registered is killing my business

For this reason, traders and business people need to keep abreast of this to be aware of any changes and additions to it. When your business has grown enough, it also reflects that and can be a source of great progress. But it's also considered that it is very difficult for those people whose business is not flourishing. So that's why people consider it as a reason to kill their business.

There are many advantages of being VAT registered. This can be advantageous for you when you charge a tax of 20%, 23% or more on something you sell, so by saying it is VAT-certified, you can sell your product easily. Well, for a good businessman, it's necessary to follow the rules and regulations. He doesn't consider it good to fail in it. These are calculated according to the growing success of your business, but they still require taking it.

Bundle of VAT

Being VAT registered is killing my businesses is a problem for all of them because that is what they think of it. People who start their ventures are very careful in connecting these matters and money. , traders and other individuals like private enterprise investors, invest a certain amount of money in their products or institutes, which in a way takes a huge risk. So, for these reasons, they find bundles for them.

This causes stress for people in the following ways :

  • Detail of account
  • Pressure to pay for it
  • Face a huge fine
  • Negative thoughts
  • Lose clients

Details of Account

Being VAT registered is killing my businesses and has been imposed by the government for business people. Because it applies to those who are progressing in their purpose, that's why they are registering in it now, for that they have to give their full details. So, you don't think it's better for you because you want to keep your information which you know to be confidential but its registration asks you for a full explanation. if you don't know that your business is vat registered or not, read our comprehensive article on how to check if a business is VAT registered: All you need to know

Pressure to Pay it

When the responsibility is put on you by VAT and that too which is not your favourite, then the user considers it as a burden on himself. When these registration limits are not met, it imposes a heavy penalty on you, so take it as unavoidable and troublesome for yourself. Giving a fine then becomes unnecessary because if it's done, the situation becomes more complicated.

Face Huge Fine

As we discussed earlier, they punish you for disobeying their orders, which you find intolerable is just as obvious for those who like punishment. Its punishment is not less, but it's set in the form of a double fine. As such it is considered a business liquidator. In any case, if it's not possible to report the problem, then they have to pay a heavy fine as punishment and they also thought it was a killer for their business.

Negative Thoughts

When you are disturbed by someone's behavior, it creates wrong and negative thinking in your mind. Similarly, Being VAT registered is killing my businesses and is also hurting people's minds, especially entrepreneurs. When the orders regarding his registration are not fulfilled, it becomes a source of punishment and trouble for them, which further upgrades his wrong ideas for the people.

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Lose Clients

This leads to losing your clients the reason for which is the adherence to the orders of the VAT key and its principle. It can also be explained that when you are restricted you have to deposit so much money at the time then surely you will fulfill this thing because it's also a government order. Now people will increase the price of their products to save the profit of their business, whether the increase is 10% or 30% then customers stop buying their products, which is a huge loss for them.

Some Benefits of VAT Registration

It's not being taken as a virtue but it's a legal process and obeying the law is equal for all. As an important and competent businessman, accepting the principles is one of his responsibilities and many do. Since it's a government process, by adopting it you are bound to improve as the demand for VAT-certified products is high.

benefits of vat registration


  • Zero Rated

  • A certain percentage

  • Depending on the rules

  • Pay tax in the year

  • Business is also registered


  • Require whole details of the account

  • Reason of stress

  • Losing customer

The burden of Being VAT registered is killing my businesses has become a significant concern for many business owners, and some argue that, rather than boosting their enterprises, it is, in fact, proving detrimental. The complexities and obligations associated with VAT registration often lead entrepreneurs to express frustration, asserting that it is, figuratively and, in some cases, literally, "killing" their businesses.

One of the primary challenges businesses face after becoming VAT-registered is the administrative burden. The meticulous record-keeping and regular reporting required by tax authorities demand a considerable investment of time and resources. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in particular, may find it challenging to navigate the intricate landscape of VAT compliance.

Cash flow constraints emerge as another pressing issue. Being VAT registered is killing my businesses. I am obliged to charge VAT on their sales and, in turn, pay VAT on their purchases. This creates a cash flow gap, with businesses effectively becoming intermediaries for tax authorities. For smaller businesses, this cash flow constraint can be particularly burdensome, potentially hindering day-to-day operations and expansion plans.

Furthermore, the process of adjusting prices to accommodate VAT can impact competitiveness. Customers may perceive price hikes negatively, and businesses find themselves at a crossroads between absorbing the additional cost and risking a potential loss of clientele.

While VAT registration is mandatory for businesses exceeding a certain turnover threshold, critics argue that the current system disproportionately affects smaller enterprises. Advocates for reform suggest exploring simplified VAT schemes or raising the turnover threshold to alleviate the burden on smaller businesses.

The Being VAT registered is killing my businesses is rooted in the myriad challenges it poses, from administrative complexities to cash flow constraints. As businesses strive to navigate these issues, the call for a reevaluation of VAT policies, especially for SMEs, continues to gain momentum in the business community.


Being VAT registered is killing our business and is just a stressful and over-imagining thought. It's also explained that It's to be applied to those whose business is booming and whose name is common, of course, it's not a problem for them. The ones who are worried about this are the people who were on the rise and they are down now also if they are registered, it's difficult for them.

Those people are usually unable to articulate their problems or they have a personal problem, so it becomes a huge burden for them, whatever they have left is spent on it. Apart from this, it has also been mentioned that as much as it's imposed on him, his profit should be taken from the client and if he pays it, then the account becomes equal in this sense. For this reason, it cannot be called a business killer.


What percentage of VAT is required?

This applies only after your business is promoted, which is a percentage of 20%, and charge the same amount to your customers.

Are there any benefits from this registration?

If there is no loss, then it doesn't give much benefit, but it's less than 5% of a tax. So, this may be its benefit.

Who pays VAT as a business?

Generally, the customer has to pay this and most do because the VAT takes the profit from the product you sell.

Is it necessary to register it?

For a successful business it's important to get it registered as a failure to do so will result in a fine.

Is it true that it kills our business?

No, being VAT-registered is not killing your business. You should not worry too much about this.

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