flat rate vat

What is the Flat Rate VAT Scheme in the UK and Ireland?

The Flat Rate VAT scheme is a streamlined procedure by which small businesses can pay VAT to HMRC without going through additional paperwork.

vat on train tickets

Knowing About VAT on Train Tickets and Taxi Fares

The VAT rate varies for different transport services. This article will help you determine the VAT on train tickets and VAT on taxi fares.

output and input vat

What is Output and Input VAT? How Can You Calculate It?

Output and Input VAT applies to your sale items and purchased goods respectively. Check out this article to learn about these taxes and their importance.

vat on postage

Is There VAT on Postage, Guide for Rules and Regulation

VAT on postage and stamps vary for different goods. Continue with the article if you own a courier service and want to know about VAT on stamps and postage.

vat on parking

Is There VAT on Parking Fees and Fines? Off Street Parking

VAT on parking is a complicated phenomenon that you must have knowledge of if you own a business. This article will help you in this regard.

vat 652 form

What is a VAT 652 Form and How to Correct VAT Errors?

VAT 65 form is designed to report errors in VAT returns to the HMRC department. These errors must be diagnosed and resolved immediately.